"The Inner in the Shadow"
Elkerliek Hospital Deurne

Address: Dunantweg 16, 5751CB Deurne

Realisation: 2007

Commission: Elkerliek Hospital Helmond


2007   Eindhovens Dagblad, March 13, Kunstwerk "het innerlijke in de schaduw" in Elkerliek in Deurne

Silk screen printing on glass between Operation Rooms and Recovery Rooms.

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The entrance to the operation rooms are 2 special glass sliding doors. As soon as the doors open a child slides in the arms of her mother. This visualises the comfort and security.

The theme of the artwork is care. It is called "The Inner in the Shadow". When you look in the shadow of the mother and child you can discover drawings of o.a.: a family picture, cuddly toys, a heart, birds, pillows, a Arabic life tree, flowers, the intersection of a blood vessel, virusses, molecules and a X-ray picture. The 60 pencil drawings refer to the 60 seconds in a minute and all the thoughts and feelings that can flash through your mind in a short moment of time.
Often moments when you give care or when you need care are moments of reflection. Comfort and security are important at these moments.

silk screen printing on glass
Dimensions: 6.30 x 2.40 m
Production: Saint Gobain Glass Solutions - Sas Glas - Sas van Gent
Realisation: Saint Gobain Glass Solutions - Zuid-Oost - Eindhoven

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