Artproject "Blue Maas-river"
Cultural Centre de Weijer / Primary school de Weijerhof Boxmeer

Address: Weijerstraat 2, 5831 JV Boxmeer

Realisation: 2010

Commission: Municipality Boxmeer


The glass doors refer to the river Maas, the lifeblood of Boxmeer.
From the glass doors two flows are created over the playgrounds, like the meandering water. The lines are a play element for the schoolchildren.
The blue line is based on the course of the river Maas. The Maas islands created by channeling an S-curve in Boxmeer are included in the blue line.


The figures are printed on sggCREA-LITE glass. The printing itself is an innovative processing technique which prints pigments directly onto glass panes. The pigments melt down into the glass panes when they are heated in an oven. After that the glasses are assembled to double insulated glass.
Production: Saint Gobain Glass Solutions - Sas Glas - Sas van Gent

De blue line is made of van concrete tiles which are in dept coloured with blue pigment.


Glass doors: 2.10 x 2.60 m

Playgrounds: 23 x 28 m and 14 x 29 m

Gery Bouw