"Sense wires" funeral center DELA in Tiel

Location: Auditorium funeral center Tiel

Realisation: 2014

Commission: Coöperatie DELA


2017 Reflectie, hoop, doorgeven Een overzicht van de vierde 100 aanwinsten voor de kunstcollectie van DELA

Fjoezzz #4-2015, Glaskunstwerk in aula uitvaartcentrum de Linge in Tiel

The artwork contains of printed glass in the windows of the auditorium and an animation on several monitors in the building.

The artworks contributes to

Creating an effusion of warmth and support for the bereaved and strengthen an homage to the deceased.

Visualized principles

An interaction between the flowers on the coffin and the flowerish shapes on the glass wall. These shapes fanning, both horizontally and vertically. This is a tribute to the deceased and strengthens a warm comforting feeling.

The content

1 The visialisation of the sense wires symbolizes the bound with the deceased . Currents downwards to the Earth symbolizes the wish to hold the deceased in our mids. The currents upwards disappear.

2 The retention of memories is visualized by flowers and chalice-like forms such as memory jars.

Tangible and daily reminders

Memories of a deceased manifest itself in tangible and daily reminders. Some tangibles are almost invisible or very subtly incorporated in the flowers. Figures like an ornament, a photo, a chair, lamps, a set table, a glass, and a cup and saucer.

Religious and other symbols

Symbols from the five largest religions: Christianity, Islam , Hinduism , Buddhism, Judaism and other symbols include ship, wing, lotus, butterfly, bird, fish, lamb, life-tree and poppy have been incorporated into the artwork.


Digital printed and burned enamels on glass, assembled into insulating glass. Conducted by Wimmer Glasprojecten Haelen Netherlands and AGC Mirodan Heule Belgium


horizontal 12 m x 0,75 m (w x h)
vertical 6 m x 0,40 m (w x h)

© Gery Bouw